GardeningContainer Grown Pomegranates

Container Grown Pomegranates

If you are fond of pomegranates and have had success growing citrus trees you might have luck with container grown pomegranates. They are hard in higher growing zones but can do well in pots if you bring them inside for the winter. While they do need at least four hours to produce fruit instead of flowers most places get that much and it will work even if the sunlight is through a window.

Container Grown Pomegranates

The neat thing about growing pomegranates in containers is that they are a shallow rooted plant which makes them a natural for container growing. They can live for 200 years so if you can get one established and it bears fruit you could have fruit for years and years. The flowers are a gorgeous bright red in the wild and ornamentals can have blossoms in pink, cream and white. So if you would love to have one for the flowers you could choose which color and grow that tree.

If you want it for fruit then you would choose a more fruit bearing tree rather than an ornamental.Learn how to grow pomegrantes in containers from  Balcony Garden Web. For the easiest way to open a pomegranate, watch the video below. No water needed and you can cleanly get all of the delicious seeds out in minutes.


Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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