GardeningControl Cabbage Worms With Baking Soda

Control Cabbage Worms With Baking Soda

           If cabbage worms are eating your cabbage and other brasicas, here is a nice easy and inexpensive way to control the cabbage worms using baking soda. There is nothing more aggravating that waiting to have fresh home-grown cabbage only to see the cabbage worms start chewing their way through the heads of cabbage in the garden. I don’t think anyone wants to put pesticides on something they plan to eat.

The best way to avoid having cabbage worms or loopers eat your brasicas is to cover them with row covers. This will keep out the moth and butterfly that actually lay the eggs that hatch into the worms and loopers. If you didn’t use row covers and now have cabbage worms and or loopers you need to control them or lose your crops of brasicas. If you have chickens or other poultry you can hand-pick them and feed them to the chickens. For the squeamish or if you don’t have chickens to feed the worms to Beautiful Home And Garden Diy shares the method of using baking soda to control them.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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