Raising LivestockControlling Flies In The Chicken Coop

Controlling Flies In The Chicken Coop

If you keep chickens then you already know what a draw to flies they can be. Between the food and the mess from chicken poo there is a lot to attract flies to the coop. In this article you will find a few tips to help keep the fly population down in your chicken coop. Backyard Poultry Mag offers a few ways to help you in controlling flies. They start off with the obvious which is to keep it as clean as possible, which only makes sense, if there is nothing to draw them then you will have less flies. This 12 Dollar DIY Closed For Cleanliness Chicken Waterer can help with that because it hangs and is closed so no food or feces can get in it.

Then they move on to detergents. They talk about fans to keep a flow of air moving which deters the flies from coming in for a landing. They give a list of herbs that you can plant near the coop or even in the garden and then hang bunches in and around the coop. The have a couple of diy projects to help out too. They have a recipe for a spray and one is about fly paper. Another great idea is to use  diatomaceous earth in and around the coop. DE is a good thing to put in the dirt or where ever your chicken do their dust bathing because it will help keep down not only flies but mites, fleas and any other hard shelled bugs. Make sure to use only food grade de. DE scratches the shells of bugs and then the bugs dehydrate and die.

Another thing you can add to the dust bathing area is wood ash, it does a similar thing and chickens love to dust bath because it cleans their feathers and helps to keep the bugs down. You can make dust bath for them with old tires, just pick a spot and set the tires on the ground then fill them with dry dirt mixed with wood ash and de and wash the girls thoroughly enjoy them. If you don’t have tires you can build one out of wood like this one, Homemade Chicken Dust Bin from Wood Pallets. You should try to put the dust baths somewhere that will let them stay dry or else in a very sunny location so they can dry out quickly after it rains.  By using all these ideas you can control the amount of flies that hang around your chicken coop.



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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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