DIY ProjectsConvert a Chest Freezer to Kegerator or Fermenter

Convert a Chest Freezer to Kegerator or Fermenter

This step by step tutorial of how to convert a chest freezer to kegerator or fermenter can be simply and for under 20$ dollars.

The only thing better than having a cold beer is having a kegerator. An entire keg inside a fridge made specifically for that purpose is every drinkers dream. Thankfully, this tutorial came up with an affordable and easy way to convert a chest freezer into a kegerator or a fermentor.

You’ll already need to have a chest freezer on hand for this tutorial. However, they can be found at most grocery or hardware stores and won’t cost you very much. For everything else, the author says it only cost $20. This is great news for those who have been waiting for the opportunity to have their own kegerator or fermenter at an affordable price.

For this tutorial, you will need the following materials:

– Chest Freezer
– Drill
– Dremel or Rotary Tool or Jigsaw
– Wire Cutters
– Multimeter
– Temperature Controller
– Wire Nut
– Electrical Tape
– Extra Power Cord

And just like that, you’ll have your very own kegerator or fermenter. However, remember that, if you’re buying the temperature controller online, that you need it to be the right voltage. Otherwise, you’ll need a voltage controller. However, in the United States, everything is 110V, so when searching online, just make sure to include that voltage so you don’t waste any money.

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Convert a Chest Freezer to Kegerator or Fermenter

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