DIY ProjectsConvert Hot Water Heater Into Wood Stove

Convert Hot Water Heater Into Wood Stove

This step by step tutorial of how to convert a hot water heater into wood stove is all about re-purposing what you have on hand into something you need.

Convert Hot Water Heater Into Wood Stove

A woodstove is considered to be very expensive investment but it is also an important one in order to warm a household properly.

If you need a wood stove, you should not throw all your money at it or maybe you just don’t have the cash; instead, you should make it on your own. It is not as difficult as you may think.

If you have an old hot water heater lying around in your home then you have got most of the things that you will need. If not, take a trip to a junkyard to frugally find what you need.

I will tell you all the tools you will need, material that is required, measurements, necessary precautions, and any problems that you may face and the solutions to these problems.

I have mentioned the procedure step by step for any person to understand and follow easily.

Following are the 11 steps mentioned in the article that you need to follow in order to convert a water heater into a wood stove:

1. Materials needed

2. Cut out the door

3. Cut out the stovepipe hole

4. Cut the vent tube out

5. Drill vent holes

6. Install the draft tube

7. Cut the door

8. Assemble the rest of the door

9. Install the gasket seal

10. Finishing up

11. Final adjustments

Each step is explained thoroughly and to get a better understanding of the context I have put pictures on each step. So, what are you waiting for? Get up, read along and start building.

Note: It is highly advised that you use this stove outside. This is done so that all the rust and the combustible material can burn off from the outside and spread into the surrounding. It is also a really bad idea to paint the outer surface of the stove because it will smoke and burn off.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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