Convertible Murphy Bed Tiny House DIY Project

How to build Convertible Murphy Bed Tiny House DIY Project is a great way to create a sleeping option that can be put away to allow more free floor space until it is needed once again.

Convertible Murphy Bed Tiny House DIY Project - The Homestead Survival -

To build a Murphy Bed, the very first thing you need to make sure of is to buy the right amount of wood needed in the right size. After you have chosen the size and the type of wood you will use, start by ripping down all of the wood pieces and start constructing the bed platform. You can use a ¾” poplar to make the support rails. Cut the wood according to the instruction and build the support frame. To build the bookcase, cut the woods at 18 ½” and rabbet the inside edges of the backs of the cabinet to allow the ¼” wood to sit inside the cabinet.

For the front and rear headers of the bookcase, make ¾  using a router and a straight bit, or attach both using pocket hole joinery. For that, remember to cut the top at 1 ½ shallower.

After the bookcase is built, add edge banding to all visible edges. You can choose to add two more shelves, just cut it at 18 ¼” to fit inside the 18 ½” cabinets. Lastly, build the front of the Murphy bed by using faux wood. For the molding, use a rule joint router bit set. Use a ½” x ¾” round over bit and a ½” by 5/8” cove bit for the 5 ¼” molding.

After painting and assembling the bed, install the gas springs and the bed stops, for this step it is advisable to have at least four adults to help. Then, install the hardware and screw 4” lag screws to the wall to secure the bed. Lastly, install the pivot legs and supporting rail.

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