Household TipsCool Kool-Aid Uses

Cool Kool-Aid Uses

My kids could never drink Kool-Aid because it made them hyper and I felt that is really wasn’t good for them. But these ideas are really neat, 11  Kool-Aid uses that fon’t involve drinking it. These clothes pins are neat and there are 10 more ways to use it in the article. Kool-Aid is very popular in the United States as a flavored drink mix. The brand is owned by the Kraft Foods. The flavored drink mix is very old as it was first introduced in 1927. The drink is available in many flavors as well. However, the phrase ‘drinking the Kool Aid’ does put a damper on the popularity of this drink. The phrase was originated after a tragic incident of murder suicide in which many people drank, while others were forced, a mix of powdered soft drink mix and cyanide.

Cool Kool-Aid Uses

The phrase applies to a group of people who are doing something out of peer pressure or just because it has become popular. Despite the phrase still being in use, Kool-Aid retains its popularity. However, in this post from the Krazy Coupon Lady, the author has outlined 11 ways in which Kool-Aid can be used other than for drinking purpose. You will be surprised to know after treading this post as to how useful a soft drink powder can be. From cleaning the toilet to making flavored balm for the lips, Kool-Aid can be really useful in a mind-blowing manner. It is surprising how we can use simple products for so much more than their intended purpose.


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Paige Raymond
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