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Coolest Expandable Camping Trailer Caravan Tour

The coolest expandable camping trailer caravan tour is actually a work of art by architect Eduard Bohtlingk and is located in Vliegenbos campsite in Amsterdam.

This article really confirms human innovative ingenuity and high level of creativity.

Coolest Expandable Camping Trailer Caravan Tour

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It is about making an expandable mobile camper. It is indeed an architectural masterpiece. The project has won multiple awards and honors and it should. You may not have seen anything like this before.

Although it was designed thirty years ago, it is still being used in Amsterdam’s urban campsites. Precisely, it was designed in 1985 by an architectural genius, Eduard Bohtlingk. It is a caravan that can be turned into a camper. It has foldable walls and floors. When it is parked at its destination, its floorspace can be tripled.

It is open for rent now. You need to see it. Apart from being foldable and mobile, its interior is also fantastic. When the walls are pulled down and turned into floors, there is a transparent material that covers those who intend to sit outside the camp. This should protect the occupants from rain.

This caravan or mobile cottage alone is a tourist attraction creation. It will be great to watch it unfold into a camp site and to also watch it being folded back up into a caravan. You need to see the pictures as words alone are not enough to describe the mobile campsite. Don’t forget to share it immediately after.

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