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Core Tactical Gear and How It Has Become a Trend

Tactical gear once existed only for one purpose: to outfit the armed forces. For many years, it was solely used by law enforcement officers and the military. Today, things are much different. These days, tactical gear has become its own eclectic style of clothing and many people enjoy the look. You don’t have to be a soldier or on the SWAT team to own this type of gear. It can be fun and contemporary to wear this type of clothing.

Tactical Gear

What is Tactical Gear?

It’s best to begin with the basics, so what is tactical gear? How does it differ from regular clothing? Usually, when we choose clothing, it’s based on our likes and dislikes. Clothing is one of the main forms of self-expression. Though ordinary clothing might be a very basic human need, we do use it to show the world our style. Clothing trends have run the gamut over the years from hoop skirts, culottes, skinny jeans to the latest style, ripped jeans. 

In the world of tactical gear, clothing serves a specific purpose. It is used to outfit soldiers and police officers who require the tools and equipment to carry out their jobs. For instance, bullet proof vests are often worn by SWAT and other police officers for the purpose of protecting themselves against injury. The gear often includes other items such as:

  • Night vision goggles 
  • Durable flashlights
  • Guns, Tasers and pocketknives
  • Sunglasses
  • A radio

Soldiers may frequently carry other items such as additional weapons and raingear. The main purpose of tactical gear has always been to provide the tools that a soldier or law enforcement officer will need in order to carry out their jobs. Tactical clothing can include lightweight vests with lots of pockets to store any number of items. A heavy duty pair of gloves is usually a good idea whether going out fishing, hunting or working.

What has changed?

In the last few years, things have changed. The general public has taken a liking to the look of tactical gear. More and more regular people are finding the look appealing not to mention the wide array of tools and equipment that can be used whether at work, on the job or at school. As the look has become more popular, manufacturers have come up with clothing and gear that can be used in daily life. 

The whole world of tactical gear has evolved in the last twenty years. Today, you don’t need to be in the army to own and wear tactical gear. And there are now accessories made especially for those who are wearing this style of clothing. Cargo style jeans will have a number of pockets where you could stow all types of items making a purse or wallet obsolete. Though they originally came out in a tan color, you can now find these in camo colors that would go well with a tactical vest.

Make it personal

If you’re wearing this style of clothing just to make a fashion statement, you’ll find some items that can give you an amazing and completely diverse look. For instance, an ammo belt could be filled with items you often use such as a cell phone, chewing gum or a hair brush. For those who work in specific jobs such as construction, the belt could be used with any number of items you need to access often. The main point here is to make the belt useful, unique and attractive.

Wearable Technology

Incorporating wearable technology into your clothing has some great aspects. This area is now filled with lots of choices. It’s not just about smart watches anymore. Today, you can find tee-shirts that vibrate to remind you or warn you about something. Smart sunglasses have VR technology built it to put virtual elements in your line of sight. Of course, many people now own and use AirPods or some version of this so they can listen to favorite music or a good book while traveling.

Tips for Success

As you think about wearing tactical gear, try to make it personal. If you have certain hobbies or interests, then incorporate that into the outfit. You may not need a bullet-proof vest, but a small camo backpack would be fun to wear. It could serve the same purpose as a purse does for the ladies. And men do always have their own stuff they need to carry around. Having your phone charger would be great. While at your favorite coffee place, you can charge a phone, laptop or tablet computer.

There are lots of choices when it comes to color, style and fabric. Cotton is always a good idea for clothing like this but a polyester/cotton blend will not need ironing. It will come out of the dryer wrinkle free. As you think about accessorizing, remember to keep it personal and create an outfit that’s comfortable and serves a purpose. 

Don’t forget the batteries!

As you’re putting together your tactical gear outfit, don’t forget batteries. Many items we use every day still require batteries. It’s easy to carry along 18650 button top batteries so you’re always charged and ready for whatever may come. 

Looking for quality tactical gear?

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