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Correctly Install a CB Radio into Your Vehicle

Reasons to have a CB radio in your vehicle:

A problem with cellular phones is that coverage can be spotty. Carrying a phone for emergencies does you no good if you’re off the road in a place without service. With a CB, you can communicate anywhere. CB channel nine is the designated emergency channel, and it’s monitored by volunteers and emergency services across much of the country. Help is almost always available. Many CB radios also receive the National Weather Radio’s frequencies, which broadcast continuous weather forecasts and emergency alerts across the country. With the weather channels, you’ll be up to date on storms, natural disasters and other risks as you go.

If you’re an avid off-roader, CB radios provide an inexpensive and practical way to keep in touch with your friends and fellow enthusiasts. Before you take your motorcycles or SUVs onto the trails, agree on a set of frequencies to use for the day. You’ll be able to share advice and warnings about trail hazards, heckle your friends and find anyone who’s lost. If you’re taking a road trip with family or friends in other vehicles, CBs let you keep in constant touch without running up airtime charges. You’ll be able to navigate as a group, get help when you’re lost and coordinate meal or restroom breaks – as quoted Radio Shack Tech Channel.

Correctly Install a CB Radio into Your Vehicle

 Truckers like them to communicate about traffic accidents and where cops have set up speed traps….aka Smokey the Bear.  Yes, HAM radios are more advanced but many people still use CB radios.  Instructables website shares how to correctly install a CB radio into your vehicle.

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