HomesteadingCould YOU Build a Tiny House from a Box Kit ?

Could YOU Build a Tiny House from a Box Kit ?

Could you build a tiny house from a box kit to shelter you from the elements on your homestead ? Tiny homes have become all the rage these days. These diminutive size homes are no bigger than a single bedroom in a full size house. What makes them even more in demand, they don’t require all of complicated building permits and expensive land purchase.

The popularity of this type of home has really exploded in places like the U.K. More and more people are using them to expand the amount of living space for a growing family, without having to pay the big expense of adding an addition to their primary dwelling. Flatpack Kit Homes make it possible for most anyone with the proper tools and at least some “Do it yourself” skills to build their own fully sustainable home.

What is a Flatpack Kit Home?

Flatpack homes, also commonly referred to as prefabricated homes arrive at your location with everything you will need to put together the entire house. All parts are pre-made and marked for easy assembly. You can think of it like one of bookcases that say “assembly require” on the box.

The only real tool you will need is a cordless screwdriver (don’t attempt with manual screw driver) and level, as all parts are precut. Since no extensive lot preparation is needed, all you need is ensure that the base of the house is level on the ground before you start. Then by following the instructions carefully you should be ready to occupy your new space in as little as 7 days.

Benefits of choosing a Flatpack Kit Home

One main reasons why Flatpack Kit Homes has become so popular in the U.K. is because adding an addition to a primary dwelling is so expensive. So, instead of having to have plans drawn up and building permits acquired in order to add a room or two, you can put up a tiny house on small space right next to your house. No real house building skills are required, if you can put together an “assembly required” bookcase, you should be able to put together one of these Flatpack Kit Homes.

When the house is finished, you will have a tiny home that has a sleeping area, a small living area (large enough for a sofa and TV stand), a sink with running water, a hot plate and small stand with a microwave. After the basic home is complete, you will need to furnish the inside with necessities to make it homey.

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Could YOU Build a Tiny House from a Box Kit ?
Could YOU Build a Tiny House from a Box Kit ?



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