GardeningA couple of different pole or runner bean trellis ideas.

A couple of different pole or runner bean trellis ideas.

There are many ways to trellis your beans. Pretty much as long as they can climb and you can pick the beans will work just fine.

 I am sharing a couple of videos on how others like to trellis them and my own way that I have found to be the absolute easiest way.

photo credit  phototogo2
photo credit phototogo2


The vegetable gardener has this staked idea.


Farm city has this one untilizing their existing fence.


This is what I use. We tie lengths of natural twine at the top bar and cut them just about an inch from the ground. I usually put 15 to 20 lengths of twine across the top bar. As the bean seedlings grow they will automatically reach up and grab hold of the twine and grow up it. This to me is the easiest way to grow beans because it allows me to harvest from both sides and I can move the lengths of twine apart to reach in between and pick beans. I know lots of folks like the bean tee pees but I find them a lot more work to pick the beans as they are on the inside and outside. With the hanging twine there is no where you can’t reach and no where for those yummy little beans to hide.
At the end of the season I just cut through the knotted tops of the twine and the whole thing, twine, plants and roots goes on the compost pile. Easy peasy.

photo credit TheHomesteadsurvival
photo credit TheHomesteadsurvival





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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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