DIY ProjectsCovert Van Into Mobile Tiny Living Space Project

Covert Van Into Mobile Tiny Living Space Project

How to convert van into mobile tiny living space project is perfect for people who want to live within their vehicle in a stealthy manner. Setting up a sleeping area with storage in the most important issue when making the most out of a small space.

Convert Van Into Mobile Tiny Living Space Project

Get the following for this van-flipping project: a saw, a drill, hammer, clamps, sander, scissors, knife, steel square, and a spirit level. Of course, the main component is the van itself, so choose accordingly which van will do the job. Inside it, get classing, panel pins, angle plates, polystyrene insulation sheets, an OSC, foil tape, bubble insulation, pine stripwood, carpet tiles, and adhesive spray. For the sheets and stripwood, there will be different sizes needed based on the van’s size.

First, install the insulation with 50mm thick polystyrene insulation for the walls and 25mm thick polystyrene for the roof. Measure the polystyrene to fit all of the creases. Use the foil bubble insulation to cover any metal rib or beam exposed on the floor and under the roof. Afterwards, work on the floor with carpet, timber, or any type of flooring decided upon. Use adhesive to keep it on the ground. Once that is on, build the bed base about 1.1m off the ground to let storage space open below. Use a beam from a pallet to form the formal support of the bed. The rest of the support comes from leftover pallet parts or CLS timber.

Once the bed frame is built, get everything else in the van. The size varies; so make sure it fits the size of the bed desired. Slide the bed, complete with sheets and pillows in, and there’s a cozy bed right behind the front seats to sleep in. It is not a motor home, but as one drives, another can take a nap in the back comfortably.

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