HomesteadingHow to Keep Coyotes Away from a Homestead

How to Keep Coyotes Away from a Homestead

Many homesteaders have faced the overwhelming task of how to keep coyotes away from a homestead the life threatening danger of them attacking (killing) young children, pets and farm animals. Coyotes will kill chickens, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats… basically anything they can overpower.

I am originally from a city of over a million people so I never had any experiences with a coyotes until I moved to a small town of 400 people in the country. The graphic shocking stories of the devastating destruction that coyotes can do to a homestead is heart breaking. A homesteader who raises a very small herd of cattle related the story of a coyote killing a baby calf as it was still halfway inside it’s mother. The calf died as well as the mother cow from hemorrhaging from the calf being pulled from her in that manner.  Homesteading is a very up close view of the battle of life.

Our article on “Roller Bar Fence Idea for Escape Artists Dogs” might also work for keeping coyotes out of an animal pen or fenced in area where children and pets play.

If it is a choice between a child, pet or homesteading livestock hopefully you will not hesitate to take it’s life instead.


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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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