Cranberry Bliss Bread Loaf


Delicious and healthy cranberries baked into a loaf of bread that can be iced or left plain for every day eating. This is a gorgeous loaf for Christmas times with its vanilla frosting topped with melted white chocolate chips, it even looks Christmasy. But I like cranberry bread and want to have more than just at Christmas but I really don’t want all that sugary topping year round. This recipe for the loaf is really delicious and buttery tasting. It calls for both whole wheat and white flour. It also calls for white chocolate chips but I leave them out and add chopped walnuts. Sometimes I make a glaze with a little milk and powdered and sometimes I just leave it plain, either way is good. This is so good with butter spread on a slice and if you like the orange cranberry taste, try toasting a slice then buttering and add a smear of orange marmalade, totally delish.  The View From Great Island shares this wonderful recipe for cranberry bliss loaf.


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