RecipesCranberry Orange Honey Butter Recipe

Cranberry Orange Honey Butter Recipe

Add this to your dinner table or make some gifts in jars and take cranberry orange honey butter as hostess gifts this season. It is the season of chilly winds and snow. Winters can really limit the fun if you can’t get out. some days are warm enough that you get out and about wearing your favourite winter or fall outfit while on other days, you just have to stay in. staying inside does not have to be boring as you can find a cosy corner and read a book or watch your favourite movies and shows.

Cranberry Orange Honey Butter recipe

Winters can be made warm and fun by preparing some hot tea or thick coffee. Snacks are a must have when you plan to stay in. now, you can hoard up on chips and candies but what if you could something healthy and homemade. This winter, try this cranberry honey butter recipe was shared by Arisa Cupp on The Taste of Home. Make this at home and store it so when you feel those unexpected hunger pangs, you don’t have to survive on dry corn flakes.

You can eat this spread with crackers and bread. It is a healthy mixture of butter, honey and dried cranberries. Therefore, you get to have food rich in taste and nutrition. Settle back with a jar of this cranberry honey butter and some crackers and enjoy the winter days.


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Paige Raymond
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