BeveragesCranberry Wanna be Moonshine

Cranberry Wanna be Moonshine

This easy to make Cranberry Wanna be Moonshine recipe brings together basic ingredients and time to infuse before the flavors blend. If you want to give it a extra bit of sparkle, add a small amount of citrus fruit zest to your recipe. Lemon, lime or orange are always a great choice.

Drinking this recipe will delight your taste buds and put a rosy glow in your cheeks.

I love infused cocktail recipes but real moonshine is made with a still. Honestly, I prefer the flavor infused recipe because white lighting (moonshine) is has the kick of a mule.

Cranberry Wanna be Moonshine
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If you get carried away with cranberries during the winter months, you can use any surplus to make boozy concoctions.

Click here to read how to make Cranberry Wanna be Moonshine:


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