ArticlesCrane-Conscious: The Different Types of Crane Used in Construction & Renovation

Crane-Conscious: The Different Types of Crane Used in Construction & Renovation

Cranes play a vital role in the construction industry. Without them, the construction of some of our most iconic buildings, bridges and roads would simply not be possible. Cranes are also crucial in the transportation of heavy goods, materials and equipment required in construction and renovation projects. With a number of different crane types to choose from, however, it is important to understand what style of crane you need for the various stages of your venture. 


Nowadays, cranes come in a range of different shapes, styles and sizes. Crane hire companies to offer different types of crane available for just about every task that you can imagine. Cranes can be fixed or mobile and are capable of carrying loads of varying weights. The method of carrying is also different with different crane types with loads being lifted in a number of different ways depending on the scope of the work. Understanding these different aspects of crane design will help you to choose the right crane for your construction or renovation project. 

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of cranes used in construction and renovation work to help you decide on the right machine for your needs. 

Carry Deck Cranes

A relatively new addition to the line of different cranes available is the deck crane. These cranes evolved to form their pick and carry predecessor made popular in the eighties. These cranes are compact, mobile and can rotate three hundred and sixty degrees. Carry deck cranes are an excellent choice for those seeking mobility, versatility and reliability while maintaining a safe job site.

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes travel on tracks, which limit their turning capabilities but makes this crane type ideal for soft-ground work sites. Crawlers are flexible as a telescopic arm can often be added to change the carrying height for different situations or terrains. Crawler trains will need to be transported to the site, making them a better choice for long-term projects at a fixed location. 

Rough Terrain Crane

For more challenging terrain and work environments, the rough terrain is a fantastic choice. Built-in a similar style to crawler cranes but with large, robust rubber tyres instead of tracks, these cranes are known for their mobility, durability and ability to perform in more challenging job sites

Truck-Mounted Cranes

When you’re transporting heavy building materials such as bricks or sand, you need to ensure that you can unload it at the job site with ease. Truck-mounted cranes provide the perfect solution as they are attached to the truck and ready to get to work as soon as the load arrives. These cranes can help your job site to manage more efficiently as deliveries can be unloaded quickly, and materials can be transported around the job site with ease. 

Tower Crane

The crane most synonymous with large construction projects is undoubtedly the tower crane. Due to their incredible height and lifting capabilities, these cranes are essential in building larger structures. A cab located at the top of the crane typically houses the operator who controls the entire machine. Because of their immense size, these cranes must be built as the building is being built with the crane growing in size at the same rate. 

Choose The Right Crane For Your Next Construction Or Renovation Project

Almost every construction or renovation project will require a crane at some point or another. When you are choosing a crane for your next job site, be sure to consider what you will be using the crane for, how mobile you need it to be and how often you will be using the equipment. With some careful consideration, you can choose the right type of crane to benefit your construction project and ensure that it’s a success.  

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