CraftsCrayon Holder from Aluminum Cans Frugal Project

Crayon Holder from Aluminum Cans Frugal Project

This crayon holder from aluminum cans frugal craft project is relatively easy to make from scratch.

You’ll need a few average tools you should have in your workshop or garage. Nothing out of the ordinary is needed. Probably one stop to a craft store will have your supplies ready to go. Let’s get started!

Crayon Holder from Aluminum Cans Frugal Project

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It’s a great idea to teach kids how to be self-sufficient while they are young. You can get them used to making things with their hands and being creative. One great example of this is to create a crayon holder for their use.

In the end, not only will they have a fantastic organization tool, but they will realize the value of being proactive in making the things they need.

The other nice thing about this project is that although the kids can’t do it themselves, they can see you showing them first-hand what self-sufficiency is all about. The plan is step-by-step and it’s a great learning tool for them to see you following small steps to end up with a useful and pretty ending result. They are going to love using this time and time again and remembering how it came to be.

Materials Needed:


mini cans of veggies

balsa wood – yes, Michael’s carries wood that’s perfect for craft projects

wood glue (maybe hot glue would work in a pinch)

spray paint

scrapbook paper

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It also is pretty nice that this tutorial uses items that otherwise would be thrown out with the trash. One important part of efficient homesteading is understanding the various uses for things, when they evolve from their primary use. While your neighbors may see garbage, you see a useful secondary re-purpose for the item and put it to good use.

Click here to read about how to make a crayon holder from aluminum cans frugal project:

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