RecipesCream Cheese Blueberry Pull Apart Rolls

Cream Cheese Blueberry Pull Apart Rolls

Cream Cheese Blueberry Pull Apart Rolls Made With Frozen Blueberries

Delicious rolls made from yeast risen dough, cream cheese and frozen blueberries then glazed while still warm from the oven. These are made the same way you make cinnamon rolls but instead of the sugar cinnamon and butter inside you have cream cheese and blueberries. I love that the recipe calls for frozen berries because you can make it any time of the year since frozen berries are in the freezer year round.

Cream Cheese Blueberry Pull Apart Rolls

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I know that when I make cinnamon rolls I always  double the recipe because if I am going to spend all that time making them I want to make a lot. They are not at all hard to make, just time consuming waiting for the dough to rise twice. But in the end when you get to pop a piece of warm homemade roll into your mouth it is soo worth it. Love Foodies shares this recipe and I can’t wait to try this cream cheese and blueberry version.

My family loves the cinnamon rolls which are made the same with butter spread on the dough then a mixture of sugar and cinnamon, most recipes call for white sugar, I always use brown because it gives a much richer taste to the cinnamon rolls. Another favorite at my house in Nutella and raspberry. They also use this same dough but the Nutella is spread on the dough first and then raspberry jam is spread over that and then you roll it up the same as these. We love this kind of homemade roll and I can’t wait to try this one.

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