Cream Cheese Roll Ups


When you make these cream cheese roll ups you get to make them to fit your tastes and they can be different every time. Cream cheese is soft, fresh, and mild-tasting cheese made from the combination of heavy cream and milk.

By definition, cream cheese should be composed of at least 33% of milk fats and lower than 55% moisture. Different stabilizers like carrageenan and carob bean gum are often added during industrial production.

According to, since this is made from the combination of milk and cream, the cheese has high fat content. Cream cheese in the US needs to contain a minimum of 33% fat content while it should be at least 45% to 65% in Britain. In Germany, this is also known as Doppelrhamstufel which means cheese prepared with double cream.

This cheese has a slightly salty taste and mildly lactic aroma.
Cream cheese is made firm using lactic acid that makes it important to consume it while it is fresh. This also has a short life despite being refrigerated. A cream cheese made with the use of traditional methods has the tendency to become more powder instead of spreadable.

On the other hand, those containing stabilizers such as guar gum tend to be firmer. Cream cheese is perfect for vegetarians because this makes use of acid, like citric acid, for clotting the milk.

These days, cream cheese can be used for numerous applications. You can use this soft and mild-flavored cheese in both savory and sweet dishes. This also pairs really well with different spices, fruits, vegetables, and herbs that make it the ideal ingredient for spreads and dips.

Garden and Table shares a free recipe for Cinnamon Cream Cheese Wraps that you can enjoy and share with your family and friends.

When you make these roll ups you can leave the cinnamon out and add chocolate chips, blueberries or chopped bananas or any other chopped fruit that is precooked or canned. I like to replace the cinnamon with cardamom and the add chopped canned peaches to the cream cheese. They are delicious with chocolate chips, also butterscotch chips and if you can find them cherry flavor chips make this over the top yummy.