DIY ProjectsCreate a Hula Hoop Privacy Tent for Camping

Create a Hula Hoop Privacy Tent for Camping

This step by step tutorial of how to create a hula hoop privacy tent for camping activities such as sleeping, showering and using a 5 gallon bucket toilet. This method uses a flat sheet and duck tape as an adhesive to hang around the hula hoop. You can also use 2 shower curtains and hang them with shower rings.

The summer of my second year in college, I took to the national forest to re charge my mental batteries for 2 whole months. I hung two shower curtains on a hula hoop using shower rings to create a wall of privacy when using a 5 gallon bucket with the bottom cut off placed upon a dug out hole. A pool noodle with a slice halfway through was fitted over the top of the 5 gallon bucket to cushion people’s bottoms.

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Create a Hula Hoop Privacy Tent for Camping

Do you know how many fellow female campers begged me to use my make shift restroom ?  So many that a new hole had to be dug every 2 days and the hula hoop curtain re-positioned.

You can also use the hula hop tent to create privacy while using a solar water shower.

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Create a Hula Hoop Privacy Tent for Camping

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