DIY ProjectsCreate A New Walkway In Your Garden

Create A New Walkway In Your Garden

Do you need a new walkway in your yard or garden. Tired of the stepping stones that have sunk into the ground or the cracked and broken concrete? Well here are seven different ideas to get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to make a new walk way at your house. The Garden Of Love did a nice round-up that includes, paving stones, bricks, flagstone, slate, gravel and even new concrete if thats what you prefer. I love these pavers and check out the mulching they used around them.  Broken pecans shells. If you live in the south where there are loads of pecan trees you can probably by the shells pretty cheap.  My folks used to live in TX along the bay and my dad did his driveway with shells. They do that in FL as well. So if you are looking for ideas on a new walkway you can probably find something to your liking in this post.


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