CrochetCreate Petal Power Mandala Crochet Craft Project

Create Petal Power Mandala Crochet Craft Project

How to Create Hanging Petal Power Mandala Craft Project is a creative abstract design that is usually circular in form is a quick and easy exercise for your stress relief and creative play fun!

Create Petal Power Mandala Crochet Craft Project

A mandala is a yarn-based design that is a decorative inspiring peice of art that comes in multiple colors of your choice. Many like mandalas, because in various spiritual traditions, mandalas may be employed for focusing attention of practitioners in prayer as a spiritual guidance tool, for establishing a sacred space and as an aid to meditation.

The best yarn is the acrylic type because it endures a lot of mother nature’s rain and wind when placed outside. The yarn color won’t disintegrate or fade. For the flower petals, you can go any different way with the colors, mixing and matching.

The recommended colors to go with are yellow (2008 Leuven), green (1259 Groningen), blue (1068 Den Helder), lilac(1084 Hengelo),and the mix of blue and green (1422 Eelde).

In terms of materials, your choice of different colors of yarn is recommended, a 4-mm hook, scissors, a yarn needle, and a 400-mm steel craft hoop. The crafting goes in a circle and each round starts with a different color. Leave the weaving until after crocheting the whole mandala to the hoop as it stretches it and can cause the ends to unravel. The outer rounds can ruffle a bit, but it disappears when the mandala is stretched onto the hoop. When finished, the mandala will be a bit smaller than the hoop, but don’t worry. If it sags a bit, remove a round or two to tighten it up.

Create Petal Power Mandala Crochet Craft Project











Purple is just the beginning….

Use stitch markers to see if the location of the mandala works. Sometimes, location and size can vary on where you want it to be. However, the colorful mandala is a beautiful sight and shows personality outside your porch, garden or inside your home.

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