CraftsCreating Art Mosaics with Broken Old Dishes Project

Creating Art Mosaics with Broken Old Dishes Project

Creating art mosaics with broken old dishes project is a wonderful way to frugally find unconventional art supply materials at yard sales and thrift stores.

Creating Art Mosaics with Broken Old Dishes Project

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It may be a recent hobby that you took interest in or you may be making it out of necessity but handling glass pieces while creating mosaics is a difficult job. It needs cautious hands and only the most careful hands survive without cuts and you know buying it is expensive.

But what if there is an easy way out to prepare it and save cost? Mosaics can be created by using broken dollar store ceramic plates. They are cheap and can be found anywhere.

The plates can be wrapped in a towel and hammered until they are beautiful little pieces. However, don’t forget to protect your eyes with glasses before you start.

A ceramic adhesive, scissors, sketch and sandless grout are other items you need to have. The adhesive glue eliminates the need for glue and wastes no time while drying. Start by peeling off the layer at the back of the adhesive and stick it down where you want to create the project.

You can draw any design of your preference onto the upper layer. The top portion of the adhesive can be cut and peeled to reveal the sticky portion underneath. Start adding the glass pieces then.

The last step is to add sandless grout mixed with required cups of water for attaining thick consistency. The mixture can be added on top of the colorful glass pieces pushing it into the cracks with the help of fingers. It will take around two hours to dry and your mosaic tiles are ready.

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