RecipesCreating the Best Corned Beef Ever It's So Easy An 8...

Creating the Best Corned Beef Ever It’s So Easy An 8 Year Old Could Do It

The best corned beef ever,  so easy an 8 year old could do it.  Learn how to make your own corned beef. It is really simple and you can do it when ever you want so you can have corned beef when you want instead of only in March when the stores bring it out for St. Patrick’s day.

I stumbled on it 3 years ago and have been using this recipe ever since. It really is as easy as she says and it makes a great corned beef. I usually buy a whole brisket and cut it in half then make and use half for a boiled dinner and the other half for Rubens.

Oh how I love a good Ruben. I like to assemble my Ruben and then put it in a hot oven for about 8 minutes to get every thing good and hot. Kudos and a huge Thank you to Learn to Preserve for this how to.

Creating the Best Corned Beef ever

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