DIY ProjectsCreative Bedroom Dresser Makeover DIY Project

Creative Bedroom Dresser Makeover DIY Project

This Creative Bedroom Dresser Makeover DIY Project is a frugal way to redo an old outdated peice of furniture into a beautiful focal point (show stopping) dresser. You do not even need alot of artisic talent for this craft project, everything will be outlined for you.

Creative Bedroom Dresser Makeover DIY Project

This article confirms the fact that there is no limit to creativity and innovation. After reading this article, you should go and look at all the supposed junks around you. Think long and hard on how you can put each of them to good use.

This article has revealed the fact that there are no real junks. Anything that is junk to you means you lack the creativity, innovation and skill to convert it to something else. Now, take a look at the junk that this lady converted to a dresser. Compare the original condition with the finished product and you will understand that there is no real junk.

The first step was to strip the old piece of furniture of all the screws and nails and to block all the holes. After that, the mahogany top was smoothened. For some reasons it was then painted with a blend of cherry and walnut paint.

Creative Bedroom Dresser Makeover DIY Project

The whole dresser was repainted after working on it for about three hours. After painting it, it was left to dry up overnight. The real artistic work began the following day. To beautify the dresser, a fern was painted at the front. Although it took about 6 hours, it was worth the effort. You can now read the article for full details and don’t forget to share it immediately.

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Melissa Francis
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