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Creative Lighting Ideas That Brighten Any Room

Lighting may not immediately seem like an important aspect of your home’s design. However, it plays a significant role in helping to create and alter the mood in a space. The lighting that you pick for your space should be positioned correctly for it to have a great effect. 

When done properly, lighting can help you emphasize your floors, artwork, wall colors and any other accessories that you may have in your home. A well let home is not only inviting, but it is also vital for improving your overall wellbeing. A bright, airy space can help to boost your mood while lowering any stress or anxiety that you may have. 

Sadly, during the process of decorating a home, people tend to focus primarily on the furniture, walls, and carpentry, which leaves lighting as an afterthought. A room’s lighting is what wheedles the eye upward, helping to open up a space to its full potential and dimension.  

Typically an opportunity to stun and impress, the light fixtures that you select for your home can be show-stopping pieces or hassle-free ones that blend easily with the rest of the décor. If you are looking to brighten up your space, here are creative lighting ideas that can brighten any space in your home:

Himalayan salt lamps

Himalayan salt lamps work just like regular lamps, only that the chunks of Himalayan salt that are used for these lamps are associated with a host of benefits. When lit, Himalayan salt lamps emit a warm and soft glow that helps to create a peaceful and calming space. Although most Himalayan salt lamps are pink, the intensity of the color produced varies depending on the salt’s mineral content. 

You can expect white hues to deep red and orange ones from Himalayan salt lamps. Aside from helping to illuminate your space with a warm glow, these salt lamps are also vital for improving the quality of indoor air in a home. Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions that are useful in enhancing your mood and energy levels as well as boosting your focus.

Himalayan salt lamps are also used frequently as a natural alternative for relieving asthma symptoms. To get the best from these salt lamps, it is recommended that you place them in areas in your home where you spend the most time.

Vintage-inspired pendant lights

Metal lanterns have been popular forever, peaking in popularity during the 19th century. Today, vintage-inspired pendant lights are common fixtures in contemporary home décor. Hang a vintage-inspired pendant light in your living room to echo traditional farmhouse décor.

Vintage-inspired lanterns can help you add an element of drama to your space, create a focal point, as well as establish a cohesive style.

Use a disco ball

Disco balls may have traditionally been reserved for nightclubs and dance floors, but they can also make an excellent addition to any kitchen living room, bedroom or even home office. Disco balls may sound a little kitschy at first. Before you dismiss them, however, it is possible to style them in a manner that makes them understated.

If you intend on using the disco ball in your bedroom, ensure that you incorporate it into your décor in a calming way. Make your disco ball the statement piece in the room and then work the rest of the décor around it. If you are going to add it to the living room, remember to add complementary accessories such as throw pillows with a metallic sheen or mirrored plates and coasters. 

String lights

Decorating your home using string lights may not be immediately apparent, except perhaps in college dorm rooms, but string lights could be just the thing you need to take your décor to the next level. When used alone, string lights have a minimalist and artsy effect that can work in an array of spaces including industrial spaces as well as city lofts.

String lights can also be used effectively as a light source for other areas such as near nightlights and to illuminate your artwork. String lights have a warm and cozy glow that is appealing at any time of the year and not just Christmas.


Torchieres are some of the most recognizable types of floor lamps. Derived from the French term for a torch, Torchieres are easily identifiable owing to their upright and torch-like shape. Torchieres are great for lighting small spaced because they do not take up a lot of room as they only need limited floor space.

Torchieres are popular because of their ability to provide natural light. Because of their shape, they easily direct light up towards the ceiling, where it diffuses into a pleasing light that spreads across the entire space. Some Torchieres also come equipped with dimmers that allow you to soften or turn up the intensity of the light as you see fit.

Wall sconces

Depending on where in the house they are placed, wall sconces can dramatically alter the look of a room. Scones can help to create elements of drama, especially those with dark or opaque shades. Such dark scones force the light to radiate from above and below, which creates a unique hourglass shape on the wall as well as dramatic shadows.

Scones can also be used to direct the focus on your artwork, plants and any architectural components in a space that may be of interest. When using scones, make sure that they are brighter than all the other surrounding ambient lighting for the best effect.

Final Thoughts

Lighting makes all the difference in the world in how we experience a space. For so many homeowners, lighting is usually an afterthought in interior design. This occurs when individuals think of lighting as a utilitarian component of the room rather than an element that adds aesthetic value.

When done properly, lighting can be the unsung hero that toes all the aspects of your interior design, helping to take it to the next level. Home is where your heart is and the lighting in your house can help to make your home that much more comfortable.

This article comes from Marina Turea, content manager at Digital Authority Partners

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Bryan Thomas
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