CrochetCrochet a Fashionable Trendy Dress or Shirt Project

Crochet a Fashionable Trendy Dress or Shirt Project

This amazingly simple method of how to crochet a fashionable trendy dress or shirt project will inspire you. Have you chanced upon the Sparkle & Swirl Tunic by Urbanotfitters? This boho-chic style crochet top retails at $50, but with a little know-how, you can make your own for mere dollars.

Crochet a Fashionable Trendy Dress or Shirt Project

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As you can see from the picture, the dress is a series of different stitches (primarily one large circle/doily, a lace stitch, and a mesh stitch) worked into a tunic shape. We’re going to craft this by working from the side (starting with the circle) and joining it together.

You will need:

• cotton acrylic yarn

• 3,5 mm crochet hook


Begin by created a large crocheted circle. The number of rows you’ll need to work will depend largely on the stitches you use and how large you want your tunic to be. Although this garment looks complex, it’s quite easy to create if you already know how to crochet. Just hold your work up to your body periodically to measure, until it’s large enough to cover the area from your shoulder to your thigh.

Now that the main circle is complete, you’ll need to move onto the hairpin lace free strips section (between the circle and the shell stitch). If you’re not familiar with hairpin lace, just hop over to Youtube and look up a quick tutorial on it.

Work the lace around the circle.

Next, you’ll move onto the shell section. Work your shell stitch into the hairpin lace, again going all around the circle.

Now add another strip of hairpin lace after the shell stitch. This is what you’ll use to join the circle to the mesh crochet that makes up the rest of the tunic.

To create the rest of the tunic, fold the circle in half and begin working a standard mesh stitch in diagonal lines from the circle. Remember not to make a complete rectangle, as you’ll need to save a ‘scoop’ for the neckline. Work the mesh all the way around from one outer edge of the circle to the other, so you won’t need to stitch up the side.

When you’re done, just use a finishing stitch to hem the neckline, sleeves, and bottom of the tunic, and you’re done!

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Melissa Francis
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