Crochet A Spring Hat In Any Size, Free Pattern In English


     We shared a crochet cloche hat a while back and everyone loved it. The only problem was that the patter was translated and almost no one could figure it out. When I saw this free pattern for a spring hat that looks very similar to the cloche hat and since the pattern is in English I just had to share it so everyone that wanted to make one could make this one. My Little City Girl offers the free pattern for the hat. If you want to make the flowers shown on the hats she sells the patterns for them on her Etsy site. So at least now everyone can make a beautiful crochet hat with instructions in English.    These would be cute Easter hats.


I love these and think they would be adorable for little girls in a lot of different colors to match up with outfits for spring and summer.  The download was a little hard to find so  here is where it is at… Find the sentence “The eBook is available for download for FREE.” and just below that you will see the word Download, the words in green just to the right of the word Download is where you will click to get the pattern.