CrochetCROCHET a Swimsuit Cover Up Dress with Free Pattern

CROCHET a Swimsuit Cover Up Dress with Free Pattern

CROCHET a swimsuit cover up dress with free pattern is an awesome way to use your skill to create a beautiful useful piece of clothing that expands your wardrobe. Top off your favorite bikini or wear it with a tank top underneath and jeans, this open crochet tunic stretches with your every move.

CROCHET a Swimsuit Cover Up Dress with Free Pattern

This free pattern was created and shared with everyone that would benefit from a new, stylish looking beach cover up. The pattern is extremely easy to read and follow for most everyone, regardless of what skill level they are at. The pattern is extremely flexible in that it can be altered depending on what size you wear and what color you prefer.

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CROCHET a Swimsuit Cover Up Dress with Free Pattern

Benefits of reading and following the CROCHET a Swimsuit Cover Up Dress with Free Pattern

● Use it create the perfect beach going accessory for most any occasion

● This crochet pattern includes a complete list of all of the necessary materials and tools

● It also has a complete, easy to follow stitch by step instruction guide to help everyone regardless of skill level

● You will also find several full color photos inside to provide a good visual of some of the steps

While many people think that crocheting is mostly about making handmade blankets, scarves and a whole mess of baby clothes however, the truth is these days people are making a whole lot of other useful things using yarn and a crochet hook. Whether it is household items for everyday use or accessories for special occasions, crocheting has evolved into something much more than just a time filling activity…… crocheted clothing is stylish !

Click here to read about how to CROCHET a Swimsuit Cover Up Dress with Free Pattern:

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