CrochetCrochet An Amish Puzzle Ball For Your Little One

Crochet An Amish Puzzle Ball For Your Little One

Crochet an Amish puzzle ball for you little one. This is a nice homemade tool that a baby would love and because it is crocheted it will have a sort of nubby feel that baby will love and be able to get a good hold of. You could make any colors or combination of colors you like or even make multiples to have a lot of these colorful balls for the baby to play with. Look At What I Made shares the instructions and pattern so you can make some of your own.

Crochet An Amish Puzzle Ball For Your Little One


It looks to be a fairly simple pattern of crocheting the same shape multiple times and the connecting the shapes into three that will form the ball. The baby can take it apart and as they get a little bit older that will spend lots of time taking the ball apart and putting it back together again. I think homemade tools are so much more appreciated than store bought so if you have a baby shower coming up or there is a new baby you need a gift for this pattern can help you give a handmade gift that is unique and from the heart. Make these up and have them ready so you will always have a gift for a new baby or a baby shower.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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