Crochet An Edging Onto Fleece To Make A Really Nice Blanket


Crochet an edging onto fleece to make a really nice blanket.Take enough fleece to make the blanket in the size of your choice then follow this tutorial to make a crochet edge to make the blanket special. You can go with a straight edge or add a little ruffle to make it feminine. Little Yellow House shares the tutorial so you can make blankets for your loved ones or if you are a person that crochets to donate looking for something different. I have seen the fleece blankets where they make slits in the sides all around and then tie or braid them but this looks so much nicer. It almost looks like it came from a store rather than being homemade.

Crochet An Edging Onto Fleece To Make A Really Nice Blanket

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This would make a great gift for a new baby and would also be great for a gift for a toddle, you could make a size to fit their toddler bed and use fleece that has their favorite cartoon character or princess on it. This would be easy to make for anyone with basic crochet skills but at the same time it would be a gift that would be a little special since it was made by hand.

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