CrochetCrochet Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments Craft Project

Crochet Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments Craft Project

How to Crochet Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments Craft Project to become a handmade family treasure to be passed down and part of happy memories for children. They will look fabulous on your Christmas tree.

Crochet Christmas Tree Ball Ornaments Craft Project - The Homestead Survival - Christmas - Holidays

Here’s a colorful project for those who like to crochet for the holidays. It isn’t just about clothes and blankets, but you can also make toys and decorations. These special balls form an insulated warmth perfect for the wintertime and even hang on the Christmas tree. It is quite the sight with its vivid colors. Get the following: 2 x 70mm polystyrene balls, Rico Creative Cotton Aran in red, light green, orange, light yellow, pink, turquoise, and fuchsia, a 4 mm hook, a stitch market, and a ribbon for the hanging hoop.

Work with the colors in order: orange, fuchsia, pink, yellow, turquoise, fuchsia, green, red, turquoise, yellow, orange, fuchsia, turquoise, green, pink, yellow, red, fuchsia, yellow, orange and green. The patterns are distinguishable where the color alternate until you get a star center on top of the ball. The first ball is made double crochet-style in continuous rounds. Get the stitch marker to know where the beginning of each round is. The second ball uses joined rounds and different stitches and techniques, but is similar to make like the first ball.

Every round, the color changes. For color change, work last DC till you are left with just 2 loops on the hook. Complete the stitch by yarning over the new color. Next stitch should be a slip stitch and continue on for some more stitches. Tie the ends of the two yarn ends together. The hanging loop is added at the end. Follow the rounds closely and the balls will be completed for whatever use you got.

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