CrochetCrochet Homesteading Chicken Egg Gathering Apron

Crochet Homesteading Chicken Egg Gathering Apron

Learn how to crochet a homesteading chicken egg gathering apron with this amazing free pattern. If this egg gathering apron makes homesteading chores easier….. jump on this project quickly.

Crochet Homesteading Chicken Egg Gathering Apron

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The weather is quickly warming up, causing many of us to start thinking about outdoor activities we can start enjoying. A pastime that has grown in popularity in recent years has been backyard chicken-keeping.

If this is something you have always dreamed of doing, or if you already have your own brood of hens, you’re going to want to check out this FREE egg gathering apron crochet pattern.

Of course, you’ll need to be able to crochet to make this handy item, or know someone who can make it for you, but it is worth the effort. This egg-cellent apron allows you to carry more eggs at one time because it can hold up to 19 of them in three rows of individual egg pockets.

In addition, it includes another large pocket to hold items such as your cell phone, keys, pens, or whatever else you might need to carry with you during your daily egg-gathering duties.

Carrying your eggs hands-free will also allow you to deal with unruly chickens or other chores you might need to do. And since it’s made of soft yarn, your fresh eggs will be more protected from breakage than they would be in a box or basket.

This egg-gathering apron is designed with durability in mind, so you can use it every day without worrying too much about wear and tear. This is evident in the doubled-up strap section that can easily withstand repeated use.

Every tool that makes homesteading chores easier, is a blessing.

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Melissa Francis
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