CrochetCrochet Magical Unicorn Hair Headband Craft Project

Crochet Magical Unicorn Hair Headband Craft Project

How to crochet magical unicorn hair headband craft project fun yet simple unique and handmade gift that anyone with basic crochet skills can achieve. Give to a little girl and let her imagination run wild and entertain her for hours.

Crochet Magical Unicorn Hair Headband Craft Project

This is a fun, homemade hair accessory for little girls. Get the following: an F and H-sized hook, white and colored yarn, polyfill stuffing, a white plastic headband, and a tapestry needle. For those who are into stitching and crocheting, this should be a fun time and easy to get made; for others, it will be trial and error.

With the F hook and the headband, thread it together and leave a long tail from them that will be used later on. Stitch the tail into the tapestry needle and sew the first and last rows of yarn around the headband.

Next, the ears, using the F hook and white yarn, repeat the following in the same way to create the shape and inner color from within the ears. The middle of the ears is usually made with pink yarn. Next, come the horn and its base using the F hook and yellow yarn; get a stitch marker since this is a bit more complex to get together. Have the horn base and the horn aligned just right and fill the horn with polyfill before shutting it.

For the final stage, sew the curls onto the headband and stitch them into place. Have them next to each other when doing so. Next, put the horn where it is preferred to be at and stitch around its base. Using the long tail left from the ears, stitch along the bottom of the ears to seat it up.

Finally, put them on the headband and stitch that into place. Make sure all loose and opened ends are shut – and it is finished.

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