CrochetCrochet Pokemon Go Magikarp Inspired Hat Project

Crochet Pokemon Go Magikarp Inspired Hat Project

This Crochet Pokemon Go Magikarp Inspired Hat Project is a playful project that uses your crochet skills to make a Pokemon Go fashion accesory.

Crochet Pokemon Go Magikarp Inspired Hat Project

This creative twist of the cool Pokemon Go Magikarp inspired hat will attract compliments to you by its distinctive design and uniqueness. Although it was initially designed for a children in mind the pattern is for an adult size. It can be worn by virtually anyone, regardless of age or head size. Designing this hat allows for flexibility, as you can vary your color choice and striping in whatever way you like.

It has a finished measurement of 20 inches circumference (unstretched) and a 17 inches length.

To crochet this hat, you need a wool or acrylic yarn of about 350-400 yards in varying colors, according to your taste. The color and the stripes can be varied to make the hat.

The recommended needle size for this Magikarp fish inspired hat is one set of #7/4.5mm double-point needles. You could also get the straight version of the needle size above, although this is optional. Your hook size basically should be determined by the crochet gauge.

Other materials that would be needed include; safety pins, small stitch holders, black yarn, tapestry needle, white sewing thread, sewing needles.

Use a distinctive color of yarn for fish lip/mouth shaping it in short rows. It is not compulsory for you to pick up wraps as the edge of the fish mouth will be concealed by the edge of the lip that is rolled up.

For finishing, you are to sew the two tail half together and then weave in all ends.

For the eyes, use two circles white felt of diameter 1.75 inches and sew it to the hat as shown in the photos or as you desire. Use white sewing thread and small eye sewing needle. The eyes will determine if the fish is dead or alive. For a dead fish, use large eye sewing needle and black yarn to sew a black X on the white felt. While for a living fish, use a black dot instead of an X.

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