CrochetCrochet Soft Cotton Face Washcloth Craft Project

Crochet Soft Cotton Face Washcloth Craft Project

Crochet Soft Cotton Face Washcloth Craft Project is a great self sufficient way to create your own customized washcloth to clean your face, neck, shoulders and the rest of your body. Once you have tried woven cotton yard washcloth, you will never go back to terrycloth.

Crochet Soft Cotton Face Washcloth Craft Project - The Homestead Survival

Crocheting is fast becoming one of the more popular crafting activities that are being enjoyed by many young people today. Many of these people like crocheting because they can use it to make a wide range of useful things to be used around the house. Another reason is that it is really relaxing, which is a perfect way to spend the time waiting on things.

The article was designed to introduce the reader to a pattern that can be used to make handmade washcloths.

This crocheting pattern was created as a way to help the reader use some of their crocheting skills to make some useful household items in order to save some money. The pattern makes it really easy to follow as it contains a complete listing of all of the recommended things that you need to have to make the washcloths and it also describes all of the steps you need to follow in order to take on.



Size F-5 Crochet Hook

Larger or Smaller size crochet hook (optional) – Helpful if your initial chain is too tight or too loose; covered in Step 4

100% Cotton Yarn in your color of choice – you need 100% cotton for washcloths

Yarn Needle – if you have trouble weaving in the ends with the crochet hook, a yarn needle will come in handy here.

* * * Benefits of reading the Crocheting 101: How to make a crocheted washcloth

~ Discover how really easy it is to make your own crochet washcloths for your home

~ The crochet pattern includes a complete list of materials, supplies, and tools that are necessary to get started

~ The pattern also includes a complete and easy to read and follow stitch by stitch instruction guide that helps to show you how to get from start to finish

~ The project also includes numerous full-color pictures that help to provide the readers with a good visual reference

Click here to read about how to create Crochet Soft Cotton Face Washcloth Craft Project:


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