CrochetCrochet Stylish Vintage Button Hat Project

Crochet Stylish Vintage Button Hat Project

This tutorial of how to crochet a stylish vintage button hat project is simple to make and dashing to wear.

Crochet Stylish Vintage Button Hat Project

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I don’t know why, but it seems every time a girl puts on a crochet hat, it further enhances her look. In fact, it is safe to say crochet hats are the new trendy cool.

Crochet hats are handy during the winter, and they can be made sitting in your living room. You will need your crochet hook; you can use from size 5 to size 8 and a ball of yarn. You can also decide which color of yarn will be best for your hat.

Crocheting can be fun even when it is your first time. You can decide which pattern of hat you will like to make, then try to reproduce that pattern. You can either get a pattern online or be creative and come up with one yourself; you are in your home, here your word is law, so also is your idea. So in choosing your pattern, follow whatever you feel will be exciting. After coming up with the design, it is time to start the main work.

The first step will be to measure your head, so you’d get a nice fit; not too tight and not too loose. Then, make the first chain. The first chain will determine the length of your hat. So if you want it to slouch, you can make it a bit longer. Now you keep crocheting until you get to the desired diameter. Once you are done, you will have a rectangular shape. Fold this and then sew the top to close it. After sewing the top to close the hat, you then can stitch the sides of the hat together. The crochet hat is complete, but to enhance the beauty, you can fold the brim of the hat then sew a button to each side of the hat.

There, you have your stylish crochet hat.

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