Crochet Your Own Raspberry Beret Or Choose a Color

Crochet you own raspberry beret. When I saw this beret pattern I immediately got the song Raspberry Beret stuck in my head but you could make it any color.  I think there is something timeless about a beret. The gain popularity and then kind of fade away only to make a come back a couple years later.

Crochet You Own Raspberry Beret Or Choose a Color

I can even remember seeing some ladies wearing them way back in black and white movies so they have been around for a while. Now you can crochet some for yourself with this free pattern. Whether you choose a raspberry beret of another color you will be sure to look pretty in it.  Make a whole array of colors and match them to outfits of jackets.

Since this tutorial is free you will only need to supply the yarn, crochet hook and your time to make as many as you like. The patter for this chic beret is from Regina Weiss and is available on Ravelry for anyone that wishes to crochet a beret or two.

Make them for your friends or kids or make one for the whole family for family portrait day. I like how she added beads to the red beret to dress it up a little. I am sure you could add beads or maybe some crochet flowers. Make it yourself and you can make it yours.

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