CrochetCrocheted Espadrilles Slipper Shoes Craft Project

Crocheted Espadrilles Slipper Shoes Craft Project

This Crocheted Espadrilles Slipper Shoes Craft Project is a fun way to make some totally cute and comfortable house shoes.

Crocheted Espadrilles Slipper Shoes Craft Project - The Homestead Survival -

Espadrilles are casual, flat shoes with a sole and made out of cotton or canvas. They are from France and Spain, made as a cheap form of shoes to slip on and off. Now, they are made in modern form that are more comfortable all over. They are very popular to buy because of the casual feeling it has to walk around in them and Lauren Bacall can be seen wearing them in the movie Key Largo, as well as in the TV series Miami Vice. Now, they can be made at home with the main body crocheted in good yarn.

This DIY project is made to be a woman‘s shoe size, 8 and 9.The size of the front foot flap is the same for both sizes. For a smaller size, make a shorter side piece with less rows or make a longer piece for a bigger size with more rows. The yarn suggested is Schachenmayr Catania, 100 g, in the color green. Get a Milward crochet hook, size D-3 (3mm), a yard needle, and a pair of espadrille soles size 8-9. The gauge is 28 stitches and 14-15 rows of 4 x 4 in.

Crochet each section very tightly to keep the yarn sturdy. The sides should fit a little loosened on the sole but not be longer; it should be shortened and tightened going around the foot. Measure your foot along with the yarn carefully.

Follow the distinct pattern as it differs around the areas of the foot to get the espadrilles just rightly fitted.

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