GardeningCrucial Things to Consider when Buying or Building your Garden Shed

Crucial Things to Consider when Buying or Building your Garden Shed

Building a shed in your garden gives you additional storage space, adds to the decor, and enhances its value. You can use your garden shed to store various knick-knacks and the sports gear and other kids’ stuff, besides gardening tools, your lawnmower, power tools, etc. Browse the sites like to find out how your garden shed can last a lifetime and look good as new, even after several years of use. 

Building your Garden Shed

Here are some crucial things to consider when buying or building your garden shed:

Decide on the Purpose of Building a Garden Shed

You need first to decide what you will use the shed for and determine the size accordingly. Besides storing garden tools and other paraphernalia, if you plan to use it as a workspace, you need to make provision for that. 

It helps if you make a checklist, including power tools, a lawnmower, bicycles, motorcycles, a wheelbarrow, etc. You may also want to have a few shelves strategically placed inside the shed to stock and display things. If you are going to have a vice and garden lathe installed, you need to have tables fixed at appropriate spots. 

Material You’ll Use to Build the Shed

You have a choice of wood, metal, and plastic, and you need to decide which type of material will suit your purpose. Steel garden sheds can last a lifetime if maintained properly (they require minimal maintenance). In contrast, wooden sheds add to the decor and add to the aesthetic sense but need to be painted more often. Plastic is preferred by some as it is lightweight, comes in an array of colours, and is comparatively cheaper. 

The points you need to consider are cost, durability, colour options, look and feel, add versatility and value to your garden shed.

You’ll also need to plan where exactly you want to have your garden shed located. Is there enough space in your garden to house a large shed, or should you have a couple of small sheds? The shed can’t be placed in the front of your house as it obstructs the view and may turn out to be an eyesore. 

Moreover, it shouldn’t be placed such that it blocks natural light from coming into your home. If you want your garden shed to last for years, plan a concrete base, which will add to the shed‘s sturdiness. You may also want to think of other options like timber, bricks, and gravel to make up the base. 

Colour Shade

If you are building a steel garden shed, you have the option of choosing the colours as most suppliers have prefab steel sheets in various colours. But, if you plan a wooden garden shed, you have to select the paint colours and apply whatever theme you have in mind after the shed is installed. Steel offers an overwhelming range of contemporary and classic colours to choose from. 

Garden Shed Accessories

You can either go for a readymade design and improvise on it as per your requirements or have your garden shed customized to suit your needs. Whatever you decide, You need to discuss with the shed supplier to find out what is included in the offer. If you need extra fixtures like insulation, sliding doors, skylight, etc., you need to specify and ask for them. 

Security for your garden shed is crucial; hence, you may want to consider remote control access, burglar alarms, CCTV, security screens, etc., besides the regular lock and key. Once you have decided on the security aspects, you can also check with your supplier for Shed Safe Accreditation. Your supplier will get accreditation based on reviews by independent 3rd parties. 

Summing it Up

Building a garden shed adds to the decor and offers additional storage space for storing garden tools and other knick-knacks. It is a permanent structure and should be designed to last a lifetime.  

Heather Jones
Heather Jones
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