Cure Stomach Irritation Pumpkin Dog Biscuits Recipe


Cure stomach irritation pumpkin dog biscuits recipe will make your dog feel better. Pumpkin is good for dogs as long as you use only pumpkin. You don’t want the pumpkin pie that already has spices in it. Make sure the can says pumpkin. Or you could cook your own if you wanted to. This recipe is made with oats so even dogs who are bothered by wheat gluten can enjoy them.

Cure Stomach Irritation Pumpkin Dog Biscuits Recipe

The recipe is from One Sweet Appetite. The ingredients are so wholesome you could even eat these and they would probably taste decent. Much better than to make these for your dog than take a chance on the ones coming in from other places. So many dogs have been poisoned by treats from China. These you know would be safe.

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