GardeningDaikon Radish Benefits Of

Daikon Radish Benefits Of

Daikon radish is good for you, the garden and the pollinators. When you grow the daikon it will add to your soil and since it is a tap root it will send loads of little roots off to help break up the soil. This will allow for better drainage and lets in air. Once the radish is ready to harvest in about 2 months you can cut the green tops off and leave them in the garden. They will break down and release lots of nutrients into the soil keeping it in good stead for the next planting.

Daikon Radish Benefits Of

The daikon also blooms really early so it is a god plant to have for the pollinators when there isn’t much around for them. If you don’t want to eat the radish you can just leave in in the garden to break down and compost in place. If you do plan to eat the daikon and we really should because it has a lot of nutrition in it.  It has no fat or cholesterol, but it does have iron, calcium, vitamin c, potassium, magnesium, b6 and fiber so it is a good veggie to add to your menus. You can add it to salads and slaw. You can eat them raw, baked, roasted, slow cooked and just about any way you want. They can be used in exactly the same way you would use a carrot. Matural Health 365 shares lots more information on the daikon and why it should be in your garden.


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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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