Dandelion Shortbread Gluten Free Recipe


           If you are like me and always on the lookout for new ways to use weeds as edibles ou are going to love this dandelion shortbread gluten free recipe. It has honey and rosemary in it so you get both sweet and savory. Gather Victoria shares this recipe and says tat when they come out of the over they are very delicate so you need to let them cool completely before removing from cookie sheet. They look absolutely beautiful with the sunny yellow color and the specks of dandelion petals showing all over the shortbread.

Dandelion Shortbread Gluten Free Recipe


The recipe uses rice flour making the shortbread gluten free for the folks that can’t or don’t eat gluten. What a great way to use some weeds. I think weeds have more vitamins and minerals that most commercially grown produce since the commercially grown is usually from big farms and the ground is probably lacking in a lot of vitamins and minerals where as the weeds usually grow in uncultivated soil and so still get all the vitamins and minerals because if they are not picked or removed when they are done for the season the go right back into the ground so the next years crop would have plenty of vitamins and minerals as well.

     By adding the dandelions to the shortbread not only do you end up with these gorgeous shortbread rounds but you have the nutrients from the dandelions in there as well.

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