Food DehydratingHow to Dehydrate Orange Slices Ways to Use Them

How to Dehydrate Orange Slices Ways to Use Them

DSC_0212Just Making Noise blog website shares how to dehydrate orange slices and some ideas of using them.

Well, I have a few ideas myself:

  • Add to marinades

  • Add to a hot cup of tea

  • Add diced into bread recipes

  • Throw one or two slices into a warm bath tub for an uplifting scent ( be careful not to use too many though)

  • Christmas tree decorations – evergreen and orange scents blend beautifully

  • Add on top of a fish fillet when baking  or  Citrus Chicken

  • Add to potpourri

  • Grind up to make Orange zest

  • Use as a fire starter – yes, they burn!

  • Cat repellant for garden beds – keeps them from using garden beds as a restroom. (Putting it kindly)

  • Grind up and add to a facial scrub to brighten skin

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