HolidaysDehydrated Citrus Fruit Slices Holiday Ornaments

Dehydrated Citrus Fruit Slices Holiday Ornaments

This Dehydrated Citrus Fruit Slices Holiday Ornaments craft project is a family friendly activity (get the kids involved) that creates holiday decorantions that connect us to nature.

Dehydrated Citrus Fruit Slices Holiday Ornaments

A homemade, yes handmade ornaments is 100 times more special than anything you can buy because the love and laughter becomes part of a memory that creative artwork takes on.

When you mention dehydrated citrus fruit slices to anyone, they might conjure up pictures of bowls of potpourri dotted around the house. However, there are so many other uses for dehydrated citrus fruits slices. You can use dehydrated citrus slices in decoration around your home during the Christmas holidays.


Dried Orange Slices

Driend Lime Slices

Dried Grapefruit Slices

Whole dried small oranges, lemons and limes with vertical slits

To start the process, you need to slice the oranges into slices. The slices should be about 1/2 inch thick. Place the slices on a rack in the oven. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and leave the slices in the oven for about three hours. You need to place the slices on a rack to ensure that the warm air circulates to dry the orange slices evenly.

Once they are dried and cooled down, grab the family and start making decorations for every room in the house. Each family member can do a room of his or her choosing. Decorating options are only limited by your imagination. You can string them up with other natural dried fruits and spices, or place them on toothpicks to create a festive table centerpiece. Have fun making them and enjoy the citrus aroma through the holidays.

You certainly do not have to limit yourself to only making oranges, you can use any seasonal citrus fruits. A combination of grapefruit, limes, tangelos; blood oranges and lemons will make for a colorful and aromatic display.

There is nothing better than having the energizing aroma of citrus wafting through your home during Christmas. Dehydrated citrus slices can be used in making Christmas decorations and table centerpieces. Research has shown that the scent of citrus stimulates the appetite. The perfect thing to have around the table during Christmas dinner.

Dehydrated citrus slices with other spices like cinnamon and star anise will create a welcoming festive aroma in your home.

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