Food DehydratingDehydrated Pineapple Candy Chips Recipe

Dehydrated Pineapple Candy Chips Recipe

Photo Credit - Eat Nourishing
Photo Credit – Eat Nourishing

Pineapple slices seriously taste like a flavorful chewy candy once dehydrated as Eat Nourishing has shared in their article.
The actual process of dehydration removes the natural water within the fruit leaving  a concentration of the delightful sugars.

 I am so excited to have discovered these treasures and a small piece of advice … be careful not to eat too many, LoL.

This video shows how she dehydrated pineapple slices using canned pineapple.
Personally, I would try to use fresh pineapple but each person knows what works for their family.

 Click here to read super easy recipe:



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