Food DehydratingDehydrating Foods For Long Term Use

Dehydrating Foods For Long Term Use

Come learn the self sufficient skill of dehydrating foods for long term use in your homestead kitchen.

Unless you live in an area that is conducive to growing your own fresh fruits and vegetables year round, you are subject to only being able to buy certain fruits and vegetables when they are in season. That is unless you are blessed with having a very large pantry that you would be able to store enough for the rest of the year.

For those who are not as lucky to have an abundance of food storage in your kitchen, there is a very simple solution, drying your fresh fruits and vegetables. By removing the water using a dehydrator, you will be able store much more food in a smaller area. Along with saving storage space, you will save quite a bit of money.

Dehydrating fruits and vegetables is the perfect way to get your family to eat more fruits and veggies. They can be easily taken everywhere you go and pulled out for a quick, nutritious snack. No more need to buy expensive, fattening snacks that are filled with empty calories.

Benefits of Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables

● Removing water seals in flavor

● Removing water increases shelf life for longer storage

● Dehydrating reduces overall storage space

● Dehydrating foods reduces cost

● Create delicious, nutritious snacks

● Cuts down on food waste

Uses of dehydrated fruits

Dried fruits are consumed in a wide variety of ways including as a snack or mixed in with a bowl of oatmeal or favorite cereal. They are also often used for baking as with homemade muffins, breads and even added into pancake and waffle batter.

Dehydrating fresh fruits that have a relatively short growing season allows you to enjoy them well after the season has ended. As the water is slowly removed from the fruit the flavor is trapped inside and becomes much more concentrated. So when they are added to your favorite foods the flavor fills your mouth with delicious goodness.

Uses of dehydrated vegetables

Drying fresh vegetables is a great way to extend their life and also makes it easier to store them. When the vegetables are dried it locks in all the flavor and nutrients. Then when it is time use them, the fresh flavor is instantly released and the freshness is cooked into your food.

These dried vegetables can be added to sauces, soups and salads. They can also be blended into smoothies along with other ingredients to create the perfect nutritious and good tasting drink.

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Dehydrating Foods For Long Term Use
Dehydrating Foods For Long Term Use


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