CanningDelicious Autumn Berry Spreading Oleaster Jam Recipe

Delicious Autumn Berry Spreading Oleaster Jam Recipe

Delicious Autumn Berry Spreading Oleaster Jam Recipe are often from August to early November, autumn olive trees around the city are loaded with red currant like berries, easily identifiable by their silver stippled skins. Look for red berry clusters, pointy long oval leathery leaves with silvery underside but remember to always check with experinced wild food forager or a state etention office to make sure you have the right plant before eating.

Delicious Autumn Berry Spreading Oleaster Jam Recipe

Autumn Berry Spreading Oleaster berries are a nutritious fruit from a large shrub or small tree. These berries have high amounts of vitamins A, C, and E, as well as flavanoids. They also contain essential fatty acids, so their appeal as an ingredient for cooking is obvious. Their most important benefit is lycopene, which is being explored as a possible method to reduce heart disease, and may help to protect against certain types of cancer, including prostate and cervix cancers.

The berry can be found throughout the eastern United States, growing wild, and can easily be harvested by hand or by a machine. It ripens in September and lasts until late October. The berries can be eaten fresh, or pressed into jams, jellies, or other sauces depending on taste. The plant’s flowers are not edible and shouldn’t be consumed.

To process berries into a jam, they should be washed, then boiled in water, at a ratio of 8 cups of berries to a cup of water, for 20 minutes. They should then be crushed through a sieve and all seeds removed. Add 3 ½ cups of sugar or honey, mixing ¼ of a cup with a jelling agent to make your jam set. Bring the berry and sugar mix to a rolling boil for around a minute, then let it cool before sealing it in jars or cans. This finished, you will have a delicious, healthy jam, which can be made from berries growing wild in the natural world.

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